Scubapro xtender user manual

Scuba service manuals and exploded drawings to be used by service technicians. The g2 also offers an industry leading digital compass youll always know where you are going. Welcome to scubapro dive computers and thank you for purchasing the g2. Galileo 2 g2 user manual galileo 2 g2 user manual the g2 diving computer designed for all kinds of diving. Offering everything a recreational diver wants, and everything a technical diver needs, the m2 is loaded with topside features and underwater functions, including hoseless air integration and a fulltilt onboard digital compass, plus it incorporates cuttingedge biometrics through human factor diving. Notes about safety like all dive computers, xtender gives the diver information, but it doesnt provide. Local statutes and regulations must be followed when transporting this equipment. Now if i could only make the thing stop beeping on the surface so much i searched through scubapros site and have not found the manual online. Shipping for online purchases is available within the continental us, alaska and hawaii. Create a completely customized dive profile with advanced technology that measures things like heart rate, breathing workload and skin temperature. Many dive computers will track your remaining tank pressure not only adding that to the calculation of your remaining bottom time but also how your current breathing rate will affect it. Scuba service manuals and exploded drawings of apeks regulators to be used by service technicians.

Wellknown for its low work of breathing, year after year this combo has consistently ranked as one of the topperforming reg systems on the market. Please select one of the options below for your desired technical information. To make this manual easier to read we will use the term xp10 as an abbreviation for subgear xp10 diving computer throughout this booklet. The scubapro aladin sport computer is a solid allround dive computer made for simplicity for the average diver. Scubapro service manuals these manuals provides factory prescribed procedures for the correct maintenance and repair of dive equipment. Diving instrument uwatec xtender user manual 140 pages. It is possible to change the scubapro balance power inflator to the xtek inflator. Used scubapro xtender v3 quattro dive computer instruction manual rank aa ryx33535 purchase now to accumulate reedemable points.

Xtender is one of them, and its a computer that doubles as a watch. It is not intended to be used as an instructional manual for untrained personnel. Instructions and statements contained in this document and in the instruction manuals are based on the latest information available prior to printing. View and download uwatec xtender instruction manual online. The same incredibly intuitive menu structure and diverfriendly functions as the galileo. Scubapro xtender the xtender is a sharplooking wristwatch computer with easytoread data. Regulators, dive computers, bcds, fins, dive wear, snorkels, masks, and more.

The following are available in the manuals and catalogs section. The mk25 evo first stage lets you enjoy an ultrafast breathing response, instant delivery. The xtender is a streamline and convenient device that serves double duty as a dive computer and a wristwatch. Thank you for your support of scubapro products and the z1. Standard scuba workshop tools and specialized repair and service tools. Scuba service manuals and exploded drawings of scubapro regulators to be used by service technicians. Further information on scubapro and scubapro products can be found on our web page at to make this manual easier to read we will use the term sport as an. Aladin sport plus, aladin pro ultra, aladin oneprimetec2g manuals. Scubapro has designed special regulator systems that comply with the these regulations and can be used with oxygen enriched air containing an oxygen concentration higher than 21% and up to 100% at a maximum operating pressure of 200bar. Scubapro home based on your location, you are viewing the website in english.

I have resorted to simply pushing the buttons until the xtender does what i want, its much faster than trying to figure out what the manual means. There is also a nylon wblack clasp that should work as well. Dont confuse this with the other scubapro computers that hail from uwatec in switzerland. Starting today, youll be accompanied on all your dives by a computer featuring advanced technology for dives in complete safety. In a departure from the norm, scubapro has dispensed with input from those who dive in swiss lakes, and i was not surprised to discover that this model was made in japan. Follow their account to see all their photos and videos. Please check with your local authorized scubapro dealer. Time to fly countdown timers, log book functions, and ascent rates are also common features in the dive computer that divers used to have to track manually. Scubapros bestselling air balanced second stage and its topperforming air balanced piston first stage is a match made in diver heaven. Notes about safety like all dive computers, xtender gives the diver information, but it. Xtender manual thank you for purchasing xtender, and welcome to scubapro.

If you wish to change region or language, please click. When the operating limits of xtender are exceeded or a decompression stop is. I will be very happy if you can send me some scubapro service manuals and other useful informations, espacially for s600, air2, mk18 and mk2. You are now the owner of an extraordinary partner for your dives. Spend less time reading manuals, and more time enjoying the experience. Nota sulla sicurezza xtender, come tutti i computer subacquei, presenta dei dati al. Safety considerations dive computers provide divers with data. Manuale xtender grazie per aver acquistato xtender e benvenuto in scubapro. There are dive computers, and then there is the m2. Diving instrument uwatec xtender user manual 140 pages diving instrument uwatec galileo sol user manual.

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