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Top recording studios worldwide use eventide effects on hit after hit. Functioning perfectly and all ledsbuttons are in working order. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Key features large library of eventide audio effects available full complement of unique algorithms included in standard edition 99 presets for h9 and h9max, 25. With its unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation and delay, the h910 has made its way onto countless work by artists from acdc to david bowie to frank zappa. The pitchfactor harmonizer, the timefactor twin delay, and the modfactor modulation effects unit. One of the more popular harmonizer programs out there comes from antares audio, the same company that makes autotune.

The harmonizer is the piece of equipment that anderson has used, with such great effect, to lower the pitch of her voice in real time, during her concerts. Theres one effect that was and still is in every mixing engineers bag of tricks that help give a vocal more presence, depth, life and lift. Eventide h910 harmonizer now available as a plugin. Additional effects available for purchase via the h9 control app. I see the h3000 and the subsequent eventide models sort of the way i view a deep piece of software that keeps getting better but most folks only scratch the surface of. In 2017, richard factor was interviewed about eventides history on the gear club. Eventide has introduced h910 harmonizer, a software version of the classic hardware eventide h910 harmonizer. Eventide h9 core harmonizer multieffect pedal reverb. But an uncertain future will jeopardize everything. Today, eventide constructs everything from reverb pedals and modulation pedals to multieffects units and even oneknob user interfaces. The awardwinning h9 delivers eventides acclaimed sound and can run all of eventides stompbox effects. The oregonian a clear distillation of the writers craft, eventide is a book that grabs you by the heart on the. Agencies served include the new jersey turnpike police, mta police, bergen county central dispatch, and numerous municipal and county police and 911 contact centers within our home state of new jersey. The harmonizer, januaryfebruary 2018 by the harmonizer.

Available for international shipping or pickup at my storage facility in berlin. Eventide has continued to build on the harmonizer with the h9000 and now we re taking a look at the history of this classic piece of gear. Universal audio eventide h910 harmonizer plugin user. If thats what you want, you should do your research, go to an ad that lists the version right up front, and pay the extra money up front and get the beefier version. The story of the eventide gear that transformed music, coined plug. The eventide h3000 band delays plugin is a powerful audio engineering plugin for avid aax, apple audio units, and steinberg vst formats. Theres only been two companies ever to earn my gratitude in regards to support.

The eventide h910 harmonizer was first demonstrated to universally positive reactions at the aes show in late 1974. Eventide a hodes hill novel book 3 kindle edition by. Therese bohman is a columnist for expressen, writing about literature, art, culture, and fashion. Rose sounds and behaves differently than all other stomp box pedals currently on the market. Anthology x makes many of eventides signature effects available in native plugin formats for the first time. Harmonizer software for vocal harmonies home brew audio. Pitchfactor includes eventides best pitchchanging effects from the past 36 years without compromising quality or flexibility. We know that youre eager to get going and hope that youll read this user guide.

Eventide is now offering three stompbox effects that are portable and affordable. Distort time and space with the eventide 910 harmonizer. The preproduction prototype was a handwired box topped with a music keyboard controller. Unless you were around back in the early 80s when the first harmonizer was introduced the eventide h910, you cant appreciate what an impact it had on mixing. The h910 harmonizer was the worlds first digital effects processor. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading eventide a hodes hill novel book 3. The harmonizer combined deglitched pitch change with delay and feedback. The result was the h910 the name was a reference to the beatles one after 909, a box which agnello considers the first true digital effect unit the delay lines were more utilitarian and which kicked off the harmonizer series that remains at the core of the eventide range to this day.

The classic vocal mix trick every producer should know. In 1975, eventide came out with their first harmonizer, the h910 designed by anthony agnello later of princeton digital, this was a digital variant of the rotary tape head pitch shifters that i discussed earlier. Marlaine delargy has translated novels by john ajvide lindqvist, kristina ohlsson, henning mankell, and helene tursten, as well as a fortune foretold by agneta pleijel and. The next obstacle connor and sarah must face is parenthood and they have more to deal with than human parents, but as always they do things together and will find a way to manage. In fact, eventide effects have been championed by some of the greatest names in rock history, including eddie van halen, jimmy page, frank zappa, and countless others. Effect pedal for electric guitar contains all 45 algorithms and over 500 presets of time factor, modfactor, pitchfactor and space as well as all present and future exclusive h9 effects, one knob interface with bluetooth connectivity for ipods.

Remember that each eventide native plugin license comes with two activations, which can be used on either a computer or ilok dongle, meaning you can use factory in two locations at the same time. Trs modded eventide 910 in very good condition, minor scratches on the front plate and other signs of use. Eventide repair and service shipping your eventide to us for servicing we love eventide and their gear, though weve stopped servicing some of the early models. It was designed by eventides first engineer, tony agnello who went on to become the president of eventides audio division. One pedal to rule them alla complete pedalboard in one stompbox, the h9 harmonizer. Once you learn how to use it, the software method can definitely be faster. And thats before even getting into eventides harmonizers, delays, the omnipressor. Heres a partial history of that landmark company, with typical costs for the models that we service. The eventide h910 harmonizer was first demonstrated to universally positive.

The sp2016 a 3u rackmount box with vertical faders to adjust the parameters, chunky 80s buttons, and a small led alphanumeric display was fairly crude by modern standards, but three of its algorithms have stood the test of time. Until now, only pro tools tdm users have had software access to these goodies but, so long as youre in. Its almost too good to be truea little stompbox that retains many of the sounds and the high quality found in other highend eventide products, but with a price. Her debut novel, drowned, was published by other press in 2012, followed by the other woman in 2016.

Working on the original h910 harmonizer, the worlds first studio fx box, in 1973. Ultrachannel supports 64bit operation under audio units, vst, and aax on mac and windows. Eventide manufactures and provides support for telecommunications recording systems for missioncritical public safety agencies. New eventide h910 harmonizer plugin on sale keyboardmag. Stereo room with sourcerelated stereo early reflections, room reverb with a mono input and high density plate. According to gannon kashiwa of ua, the ua eventide h910 harmonizer plugin was entirely developed by eventide. Browse, download and buy our selection of harmonizer plugins, effects and instruments online today. With its unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation, and delay, the h910 would make its way onto countless groundbreaking tracks by. What started in a new york basement in 1971 has become a ubiquitous name in audio broadcasting and recording.

The outcome of this will be to put together a book on the history and evolution of the barbershop style through the lens of our. Many features help the eventide harmonizer create effects for multiple instruments. Eventide h949 harmonizer this intelligent deglitching system was made possible by the development of the reticon 5105, an early chargecoupled deviceonachip. Harmonizer definition and meaning collins english dictionary. Our more than 40 years in the business is testament to our dedicated delivery of relevant products that artists are excited to record with. The harmonizer was developed by eventide in 1974 and they describe it as the worlds first commercially available digital audio effects device. Eventide offers awardwinning rack effects, stompboxes, plugins and broadcast delays.

This was the same type of ccd used in digital imaging, radar applications, andas it was similar to bucket brigade devicesaudio delays. Eventide is are offering a max out special through feb. Eventide h9 corepreloaded with 25 presets from the original h910 h949 harmonizers. Sure, a few times a night you will need a minute or two. Eventides classic sp2016 reverb unit has been recreated and enhanced by the original designer. Eventide, inc is an audio, broadcast and communications company in the united states whose. Little ferry, nj, usa jan 23, 2019 eventide audio is pleased to announce a new and unique guitar and bass effects pedal to be presented at winter namm 2019. Eventide was one of the first companies to manufacture digital audio processors, and its products are mainstays in sound recording and. The eventide h910 harmonizer was the worlds first digital effects processor. Released in 1975, it was a digital multiefx device from the future. Harmonizer plugins, vst harmonizer plugins, buy harmonizer. Every h9 core comes with a coupon for a free algorithm download. Weve revolutionized the industry with our h910, harmonizer, instant phaser, and were incorporating todays technology with more.

Eventide and the digital revolution attack magazine. So, its with excitement that we can hail the arrival of the h3000 ultraharmonizer native plugin, which brings much of the functionality of the original hardware to the software platform of your choice, at a mere fraction of that cost. Smaller and lighter than its siblings even its external power supply is considerably less bulky than those supplied with eventides other pedals, yet packed with equivalent processing power and some great new features, the h9 comes loaded with eight effects algorithms culled from the three factors. I think that novel is good in that it broadens the acoustic pallet. Eventide power factor power supply is now available to power these plus many other effects. Above you see a selection of harmonizer plugins from some of the top music software companies worldwide. Remember though the user interface on eventide h3000 is a complex thing, plus you will have a loss of sound when you switch presets. It generates harmonies and gives you control of several things such as a humanizer to make the harmonies sound more natural, creating your own harmony. However, if you read nothing else, please read the basics. Tony agnello working on the original h910 harmonizer, the worlds first studio fx box, in 1973. Eventide a hodes hill novel book 3 kindle edition by clair, mae. Eventide quadravox 4 voice pitch harmonizer plugin free. Analog man carries the eventide h9 harmonizer effects processor pedal.

Eventide h3000 ultraharmonizer service manual download. Tape op is a bimonthly magazine devoted to the art of record making. I have a few eventides, lexicons, digitechs, rocktrons, tc electronic pieces that do harmonizing. Eventide clockworks ps101 instant phaser the eventide clockworks ps101 instant phaser eventide.

After learnimg that the cause of their unique situation is connors odd parentage as a child of the hallowed mother life went on. With its unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation, and delay, the h910 has made its way onto countless ground. The h3000 is a wicked pitch shifting processor that does more than most players would ever need a harmonizer to do. Eventide offers nexlog communications recorders for public safety, utilities, p25 and air traffic control. Greatest hits collection in a singlerack effects processor. The evolution of the eventide harmonizer vintage king audio.

Plugin bundle downloadcontains 23 effect plugins representing 45 years of eventides history. Richard factor eventide founder at the original location in new york citys 54th street, 1971. Inspire songwriting, stack harmonies, widen instruments with harmonizers. With its combinations of pitch shifting, modulation and delay, the. Eventides h910 and h949 harmonizer emulations have been rewritten from the ground up in anthology x, and the new dual versions are a real boon. The history of eventide h910 harmonizer music connection. The comprehensive channel strip includes micro pitch functionality from the flagship h8000, stereo delays with variable feedback paths, two stages of compression, gating, and five bands. I learned mainly by reading bell labs papers and books. From a program recorded on september 14, 1981, charles amirkhanian gets a demonstration of the eventide clockworks harmonizer from laurie anderson. The tc gforce does some decent stuff and so does the digitech dhp series, but the eventide to me is the standard.

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