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This giveaway is sponsored by the gracekeepers by kirsty logan for readers of the night circus and station eleven, a lyrical and absorbing debut set in a world covered by water. Percy jacksons greek gods is a collection of short stories about greek mythology as narrated. We all know that the mahabharata is full of strong female leads. Below is a list of books about greek mythology, based on or inspired by. Best mythology books for kids and teens common sense media. Gilded based on korean mythology by christina farley. The story is based in the land of meluha and begins with the arrival of a tibetan tribal named shiva. I am looking to find books based on greek mythology. What are the best hindu mythologybased fiction books.

I am in love with books based around mythology and curse of the sphinx by raye wager as it is set in this awesome modern. The series draws on celtic and pagan cultural ideas, pairing them with advanced technologies that exist alongside magic. Fictional works based on or involving the mythological tales and characters of ancient egypt. Common sense media editors help you choose best mythology books for kids and teens. Theres more than just greek and roman mythology, too. It need not be based only on hindu mythology, it can belong to any religion but the story must be based in india. Books on indian mythology nonfiction, fiction, anything. The immortals of meluha is the first novel of the shiva trilogy series by amish tripathi.

His most recent publications are three books in the magnus chase and the gods of asgard series, based on norse mythology. Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers. There is buddhist, jain, abrahmic and world mythology that awaits coverage. The time has never been better to read some excellent fiction based on the myths bustle. As a gracekeeper, callanish administers shoreside burials, laying the dead to their final resting place deep in the depths of the ocean. Theres a deep vein of genre books that borrow from, or are outright based on, norse myth. On april 21, 20, rick riordan announced on his twitter account that he was writing a new. In this novel, the greek gods live in a london townhouse together in the 21st century, and. These are all of the fiction books that are based on mythology and are worth reading. Our edit of the best books based on ancient mythology from cultures around the world. A deeper look at classical greek lore and myth for fans of stories of.

Read on for our edit of some of the best retellings of greek mythology that. Books to read if you love greek or roman mythology book riot. Palace of illusions gives a new perspective on the thoughts and emotions o. Try the palace of illusions by chitra banerjee divakaruni. If youre fascinated by greek mythology books, or looking for percy jackson or.

Im only looking for fiction not historical books or poems i know they are technically. These are the greatest stories ever told the labours of hercules, the voyage of the argonauts, theseus and the minotaur, midas and his golden touch, the trojan war and odysseuss journey home brought together into one epic and unforgettable story. Many of atwoods novels deal with myth and legendher more. The olympians novels are commonly entitled percy jackson and the lightning thief rather than the lightning thief, and so on. The battle of the labyrinth by rick riordan, the titans curse by rick riordan, the sea of monsters by rick riordan. We reuse those narrative endlessly to show new points. The ancient myths humans once embraced were, at their heart, epic stories involving magic, immortals, and quests, so its no surprise tales like those found in the old norse myths make have been a popular inspiration for science fiction and fantasy writers. It is, as advertised, a book of norse myths, retold with gaimans signature dark. David ramenah has been writing science fiction and fantasy books for the past ten years. The meluhans believe that shiva is their saviour neelkanth. Kennealymorrison posits a universe where celts took to the stars ahead of the other people of earth, establishing the interstellar kingdom of keltia. If youre looking for a good place to start, then neil gaimans aptly titled norse mythology is the book for you.

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